Learn German, Experience Vienna!

Actilingua - Learn German in Vienna

German courses at our language school in Vienna

Actilingua Academy is a language school in Vienna, Austria that offers year-round German, high-quality academic studies, social activities, and carefully selected accommodation.

Learn German at Actilingua

The most popular courses at Actilingua are the General German Courses. This language courses are available with 20 or 30 lessons per week. The school also offers German + Music Course, ÖSD Preparation Course as well as Business German Course.

Experience Vienna!

Actilingua - Learn German in Vienna, Austria

Vienna - Austria's cultural capital - is a modern metropolis with unique atmosphere and considerable charm.

In Vienna, there are lots of exciting concerts, fantastic musicals, and impressive exhibitions. Enjoy the delights of Viennese cuisine, typical Viennese "Gemütlichkeit" at cafés and Heurigens.


At Actilingua, quality standard is assured by the following organizations:

osterreichische Sprachddiplom Deutsch Campus Austria IALC (International Association of Language Centres)

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