Learn German, Experience Vienna!

German & Work experience

Internship in Austria

Internship in Austria

Sound command of a foreign language and work experience abroad allow you to write your own career ticket. You have a head start on the competition, better career opportunities and, as a result, a solid foundation for a successful future. ActiLingua offers you German language courses in combination with internship.

The programme consists of two stages: first, the German language preparation course in Vienna. Second, Work Experience/Internship in a carefully selected Austrian company for 1-2 months or more.

German & Work experience Course Facts
Course Level High-Intermediate and above
Age Group 18 - 30 years
German Course Standard Course(20 lessons/week)
or Intensive Course (30 lessons/week)
Min. 4 weeks
Internship 1-2 months +
Starting Date every Monday