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Viennese Cuisine

Viennese Cuisine

Vienna boasts one of the world's most famous culinary traditions.

A diverse yet delectably harmonious range of dishes reflects the city's mix of nationalities and food cultures through the centuries, and inspires visitors from all over the globe.

Traditional Vienese Cuisine

  • Wiener Schnitzel: A speciality originating from the Italian "costoletta milanese" -breadcrumbed and fried veal escalope, frequently served with Erdapfel Salat.
  • Erdäpfel Salat: A delicious side dish made from potatoes - especially delicous as a side dish for 'Wiener Schnitzel'!
  • Tafelspitz: Choice pieces of boiled beef with classic garnishes.
  • Kaiserschmarren: A legend says that this dessert of shredded pancake and stewed fruit was invented for Emperor Franz Joseph.
  • Topfenkolatsche: Cheese danish joins apple strudel as one of the most famous specialities - wafer-thin strudel pastry filled with sweet cheese and raisins.