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Vienna - the Music Capital

Music in Vienna

For centuries, Vienna has been known as a city of culture, art and music.

The capital of Austria was home to world famous composers like Johann Strauss, Mozart, Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven. This outstanding musical heritage has been preserved right to the present day.

Concerts and Operas

Concerts and Operas in Vienna

Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera was one of the first buildings on the famous Ringstrase, built between 1861 and 1869 in neo-romantic style. The State Opera offers room for 2276 spectators and it's stage is one of the largest in Europe.


The society of friends of music ('Gesellschaft fur Musikfreunde'') was founded in 1812 by music loving people of the upper and middle class to promote musical life.

Its up to 500 concerts per year attract music lovers from all over the world. However, the 'Musikverein' is popular with the locals, too. It is a Viennese institution and a vital node of the city's social life.